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The OEM manufacturer that boosts your profit

Reliable production of your own brand - the stuff your brand dreams are made of

Behind every strong brand there is a strong product. As an OEM manufacturer, we offer you the quality of workmanship, quality consistency and innovative skills that make your brand strong.
Expand or complete your own range of products and take full advantage of our established know-how without having to develop your products and without the risks of production.



We employ the latest generation of high-quality CNC machining centres and also apply the concept of continuous improvement to our production processes. Only by adhering to this consistent principle is it possible to achieve such high levels of accuracy in our products.


Ideas, development and design engineering in-house

Being several steps ahead gives you, our customer, a decisive competitive advantage and, as a result, added security for the future. We develop new product ideas and design them in-house using state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems to make our ideas visually tangible.


Product branding options

Various printing and embossing processes enable markings in line with your corporate design


Consistent quality –
made in Germany

German engineering is a worldwide byword for excellent product quality, intelligent solutions and the application of the best materials. With ProPress® as your partner, you can be sure the “made in Germany” label will be taken seriously every day - from development and design through to manufacturing and product & supplier quality audits - from the first to the last workpiece.



There are many facets to quality: We achieve high durability by ensuring our products are sturdily constructed. We ensure our products are easy to use, which helps our customers to avoid any unnecessary incorrect use. On top of that, we use the best materials and specially formulated alloys to maximise your return on the investment you make.


A whole world of colours for you:

As individual as you are:
Tools in your choice of RAL colour
Minimum purchase conditions apply.


Discover the world of colours


Reduce your time to market

With ProPress® at your side, you can reduce your time to market. A shorter TTM gives you a competitive advantage, so you can respond faster to market changes and always be one step ahead of your competitors.


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