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Calibrating and chamfering tool for manual or powered use for 4 operations with a single tool

This is how the ProPress® Kalispeed® can benefit you

  • For powered (max. 500 r.p.m.) and manual use
  • Four operations with a single tool
    • Optimised calibration
    • Defined chamfering of the inner pipe end
    • Pipe ends straightened
    • Outer deburring
  • Unique chip-chamber above the cutter collects all the deburring residues
  • Made entirely of stainless steel to provide optimum cutting characteristics
  • Safe, rapid processing of multilayer and other plastic pipes
  • Optimised pipe calibration using stainless steel mandrel
  • Simultaneous chamfering of inner pipe, straightening and outer deburring
  • Protective sleeve made of special-purpose plastic for longer lifetimes
  • Safe, rapid processing of multilayer pipes and other plastic pipes
  • Highest levels of security for O-ring seals
    • No twisting or deformation of O-ring seals
    • No ejection of the O-ring from its groove thanks to defined chamfer inside the pipe
    • O-ring cannot be damaged by burr residues
  • Mandrel cutters made of stainless steel guarantee extended lifetimes.

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