ProPress GmbH

Press jaws STANDARD

Press jaws for plastic, copper, stainless steel and compound pipe systems

This is how ProPress® press jaws STANDARD benefit you

  • Maximum pressing accuracy thanks to synchronisation
  • Permanently sealed joints due to high-precision pressing contour
  • Clear marking makes system and size identification easy
  • Product branding available
  • Compact construction for easy access even in awkward places
  • High durability of the pressing jaws due to the use of high-grade surface finishes - fully galvanised (silver colour) or phosphated (black)
  • Press-fit pipe diameters: 10 mm - 26 mm

User safety has always been a key aspect of our designs

  • Since founding ProPress®, we have applied uncompromising commitment to designing our products with a view to maximising safety.
  • For our pressing jaws, we use only the highest-specification hardening processes to achieve optimum distribution of forces in the workpieces.
  • Right from the start, we have used only the best materials.
  • For many years we have been using forged parts.

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