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Four crucial attributes of a pressing jaw

Are you looking for a pressing jaw for use with copper, compound, plastic and stainless steel pipe systems? Look no further.

Good reasons why you should go for a pressing jaw made by ProPress®:

Safety: Safety at work is a key criterion when selecting new tools. A pressing jaw made by ProPress® offers you a high degree of safety since we use one-piece pins made of solid materials. This reduces the risk of breakages and, as a result, reduces accident potential considerably.

Service lifetimes: When we manufacture a pressing jaw, we attach the greatest importance to maximum quality. At crucial places on the jaws and contact surfaces, we apply double induction hardening to every pressing jaw. This minimises the risk of breakages because the stresses in the tool are thus distributed more evenly. This ensures that every pressing jaw treated in this way can achieve a considerably increased number of pressing actions compared with a pressing jaw that is not treated in this way.

Quality: Every ProPress® pressing jaw is a precision tool. Maximum pressing accuracy thanks to synchronisation. Permanently sealed joints due to high-precision pressing contour.

Handling: The compact design makes a ProPress® pressing jaw the preferred choice even in awkward places.

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