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Pipe shears for plastic and multilayer pipes

Key characteristics of ProPress® pipe shears are:

Clean cuts

Pipe shears for plastic and multilayer pipes must produce level, burr-free cuts to guarantee that the pipe can then be used without restriction for the next process. Professional pipe connections require the pipe ends to be cut smoothly and exactly perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.


The quality of the cut has a direct effect on the stages the pipe goes through following the cut. In particular, the sealing ability of a pipe joint will depend on the cut ends being perfectly shaped.

Rubber stoppers

Thanks to the rear rubber stoppers, even short pipe sections can be firmly gripped, even where access is awkward, as is often the case with concealed stud work installations, without damaging the outer pipe. Optimised leverage enables plastic and multilayer pipes to be firmly gripped with the front rubber stoppers.


Thanks to their robust construction and accurate force transmission, ProPress® pipe shears are light and easy to handle. The ball-click locking system prevents inadvertent opening of the cutter.


The pipe shears for plastic and multilayer pipes by ProPress® is a precision tool. The cutter blade is made of specially hardened steel with a titanium nitride (TiN) coating and is made in Solingen. The ergonomically designed handles are forged and, thanks to the rubber stoppers, only transmit minimum jolts in use, which helps to prevent RSI injuries in the wrist. ProPress® pipe shears are fully galvanised precision tools.

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